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Dead Meat Podcast

Sep 11, 2018

James and Chelsea review the much-requested Terrifier.

Chelsea here! I want to address our conversation really quickly about the transphobic elements in Terrifier. I feel I did a poor job explaining why those tropes in horror (and film) are so insidious. Culturally, we're conditioned to find bodies and gender presentation that doesn't adhere to our norms to be scary, and we've seen other movies use them to provoke a reaction, so when we don't listen to people explaining why this is actually harmful, we continue the cycle. This is what I meant when I said I didn't think the intent here was explicitly cruel- I think it's SO important to recognize that even if someone is really cool (the writer/director clearly is a passionate person who worked really hard on this movie!), it doesn't keep this kind of stuff in their work from being harmful. It's important to understand that we can be perfectly well-meaning people and still fuck up and hurt others and not even realize. We can enjoy stuff like Terrifier but still look at scenes like that and discuss why they're hurtful in a way that's not fun- and horror should be fun! It's important to me and James to clear up stuff like this. Thanks for being constructive and wonderful fans. Be good people ❤